Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review

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This scooter is a very popular midrange unit with a maximum speed of 12 mph. The pneumatic 8 inch tires will handle imperfections in the surface better than smaller solid wheels.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review If you intend to ride it on poorer condition surfaces the Razor E300 may be the better model, as some customers have expressed that there is not sufficient ground clearance which allows the bottom of the scooter to scrape. The problem with this is there is potential to damage the motor. If you believe that may be a concern consider the Razor E 300 model as it does have a more powerful motor, but importantly it has that extra ground clearance.
The Razor E200 Electric Scooter is a top of the line Razor scooter. It is designed for those that are 11 and older. It can also travel for up to twelve miles per hour. It is an incredibly environmental friendly way to ride around town. The max amount of weight allowed on the Razor E200 is 154 pounds. Below we will discuss some more information about the Razor E200 Electric Scooter.

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Electric Scooter Review
How Does It Stack Up?

By looking at all of the reviews of the Razor E200 Electric Scooter, it is clear to see that the scooter certainly lives up to the hype. On Amazon, the scooter has a 4 out of 5 review. You are going to want to check out a lot of reviews before making the purchase. You can clearly see that everyone who purchases it enjoys it. The biggest known issue with the scooter is that the motor’s placement may be too low for heavier individuals. This means that when you hit a dip in the road, the motor may streak against the pavement. However, this happens very infrequently and should not be a major factor in your purchasing decision. The bottom line is, this scooter is the best in its class.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Thumb with RiderIt is a scooter that requires you to stand while in operation. The electric motor can last for up to 45 minutes on a single charge. This means that you will not have to continuously charge it or stop your playing session mid way through. Whoever is using it will be able to enjoy riding it for a long time.

Durability and Safety:

The good news is that the scooter comes backed with a 90 day warranty. This means that if any manufacturer defects cause a problem with your scooter, you are covered. You should be able to ride or have your children ride stress free. The scooter is built with quality in mind. Therefore, you should not have to worry about your safety at all while your children are riding the scooter.

How much is the Razor E200  Electric Scooter going to cost?

Depending on where you decide to purchase the Razor E200 Electric Scooter, you should be able to get it for a good price. The prices can range depending on retailers from $179.99 to $219.99.

Whenever you are making a purchase like this, you should always look for ways to save money.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter HandlebarsThe best way to save money on a purchase like this is by purchasing the item through Amazon. Not only will you likely find the best price on Amazon. But you will also be able to save a lot of money on sales taxes. Fortunately, for most people, you do not have to pay sales tax at the point of sale. This means that an expensive item such as an electric scooter will not require sales tax to be paid. This means you can save at least $10 by purchasing from an online retailer like Amazon.

The Final word.

Finally, when you are deciding whether or not the Razor E200 Electric Scooter is right for you, it is important to understand what you want in a scooter. If you want a safe, reliable, sturdy, and fast scooter, the Razor E200 is going to be the best option on the market. It is backed by an ironclad warranty and is built by the industry leader in scooter technology. If you do not believe me, check out the real customer reviews for yourself.

Electric Scooter Review

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